No Indian needs an introduction to this brand that’s become an icon in itself. It’s rooted in the collective consciousness of India. It’s transcended generations, it’s one brand that’s enjoyed by millennials just as much as by their parents. Dunking crisp Parle-G in a hot cup of Chai in mornings and evenings or hurriedly finishing off the soggy biscuit before it falls into Chai, are a few of the things that Indian childhood is made of. Parle-G is someone who’s been part of their lives, who is always there for you, whom you can go to, without a reason or occasion.

The Films

The task at hand was definitely not easy : communicate that ‘Parle-G is not a product, but an emotion’. To capture an emotion that is Parle-G, we created a series of films where we told stories of everyday relationships and focused on that one person everyone has in their life who has always been there, albeit on the sidelines. The films celebrated relationships that we often forget to acknowledge, but without which, life isn’t quite the same.

Two minutes or longer, these films take us through the inevitable, deep-settled familiarity between a husband and wife, the intensity of a mother-son relationship, the fights and the unbreakable bond between a brother and sister, the everlasting bond between a father and daughter and the nation’s gratitude towards its unsung hero, the soldier. In each film, you’ll see how an action, a few words, or an emotion triggers our moment of clarity. The subtext of the relationship becomes clear to the protagonist and they understand their own depth of love or gratitude.

Since Parle-G has been a part of everyone’s life and everyone has a human equivalent of it, it only seemed fitting to end the films where the protagonist realises the other person is their ‘Parle-G’

We also composed a song that is played towards the end of the film, when the protagonist realises the depth of the relationship he or she has with their Parle-G. The lyrics of the song talks about how unbreakable this bond is, the bond between them and their Parle-G.

Since the whole of India shares this very emotion that is Parle-G, all six films were translated into over 10 languages and we went to great lengths to ensure the intensity and beauty of these emotions aren’t lost in translation.