No Indian needs an introduction to this brand that’s become an icon in itself. It’s rooted in the collective consciousness of India. It’s transcended generations, it’s one brand that’s enjoyed by millennials just as much as by their parents. Parle-G is someone who’s been part of their lives, who is always there for you, whom you can go to, without a reason or occasion. The task at hand was definitely not easy: communicate that ‘Parle-G is not a product, but an emotion’. To capture an emotion that is Parle-G, we created a series of six films where we told stories of everyday relationships and focused on that one person everyone has in their life who has always been there, albeit on the sidelines. Two minutes or longer, these films celebrated relationships that we often forget to acknowledge, but without which, life isn’t quite the same. Since the whole of India shares this very emotion that is Parle-G, all six films were translated into over 10 languages and we went to great lengths to ensure the intensity and beauty of these emotions aren’t lost in translation.

Mom & Son Film

The bond between a mother and son may see many ups and downs but the intensity of it never fades with time, even with new family members. The story is told through the mother’s monologue and her concern about the growing distance between her and her son. But there comes a moment when the son realises the shift in the relationship and takes matters into his own hands, much to his mother’s surprise.

Father & Daughter Film

Fathers and daughters share a special bond; a bond centered around mutual admiration and is everlasting. A father’s affection takes the daughter down the memory lane and she marvels at how her father has always been a mother to her. This epiphany makes her realise that no matter the distance, she’ll always be walking beside her father.

Husband & Wife Film

This film takes us through the inevitable, deep-settled familiarity between a husband and wife. The love between a couple is the most talked about emotion since time immemorial, so we decided to steer clear of it and show how they become a habit to each other. A day in the life of a couple is beautifully captured here and how the husband’s world revolves around his wife’s and vice versa. As the day almost comes to an end, it dawns on him that his wife has become a habit for him, a habit he’ll never grow out of.

Brother & Sister Film

As someone once said, brothers and sisters are enemies who can’t stand each other yet can’t stay apart. In this film, the brother gets his kicks out of troubling his sister and at one point even denies that she’s his sister. But a sudden turn of events makes him realise that despite all the fights, the bond between them is unbreakable.

Soldier Film

A soldier is someone who carries the nation on his shoulders but is often forgotten. His struggles, his sacrifices and his selfless service deserve a long overdue salute. This film shows the nation’s gratitude towards someone who’s always there for it, its unsung hero and its own Parle-G, the soldier.

In each film, an action, a few words, or an emotion triggers the moment of clarity. The subtext of the relationship becomes clear to the protagonist and they understand their own depth of love or gratitude.

Since Parle-G has been a part of everyone’s life and everyone has a human equivalent of it, it only seemed fitting to end the films where the protagonist realises the other person is their ‘Parle-G’

We also composed a song that is played towards the end of the film, when the protagonist realises the depth of the relationship he or she has with their Parle-G. The lyrics of the song talks about how unbreakable this bond is, the bond between them and their Parle-G.