About us

Telling somebody that we are an advertising company is like asking the bartender to get you a beer. The obvious response is, “I’ll need a little more information than that.” There are way too many advertising companies in as many pigeon-holes. But pigeon holes are limiting. So are we creative? Design-oriented? Strategy-led? Can we be all or none if we prefer? So here is the simple version of the answer. We hate clichés. Advertising is a commercial art. But it is also a science. You write what you know. So you must know a lot. You express what you experience. And so we experience a lot. We don’t couch it in vanity and we don’t sugar-coat it with fancy words. Sure, anybody can read the data. But what you make of it comes from who you are. We observe. We derive from life. And we hire professionals with enough informed gumption to tell us what they think, to our faces.

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Every brand is different and needs a unique mix of services. If you only own a hammer, you treat every problem like a nail. We learn every tool in the marketing handbook, and a few that are not. Marketing strategies are presented to our clients based on the needs of the brand, and not on what we can cobble together in the moment.

We learn. We study the brand and its environment. We put together the most obvious ideas, the tried, the tested and the safest bets. Then we burn them. Creativity is not about working within our own boundaries. It’s about adapting to the realities enveloping the brand and then coming out fighting.

We grew up on lasting ideas. Brands that endured time, geography, nations and philosophies. They saw new media arrive and settle in. Hot new trends come and go. Brands remain. We like to take hot new trends, strip them off their banality, dress them in the garb of a client’s brand, and make the trend our own.



Advertising is merely marketing strategy coaxed into a meaningful set of messages. It doesn’t matter how much you say, if nobody’s listening. Which is why advertising must be succinct and powerful. Every piece of communication coming from the brand must tell the viewer exactly what he needs to know, with enough pizazz to make it memorable. The words may be clever, and the pictures may be pretty, but they still have to tell the brand story in an engaging manner.


Design is where every idea finds shape and meaning. Unsaid paragraphs, graphic nuances, subliminal persuasion is all built into its core. Communication is a system and every element must be designed to excel. The relationship between each individual part is where a designer brings value. The culmination of all processes in the imagination chain fructifies in communication that is created to be experienced.


The one medium that rolls words, visuals, sound and meaning into a powerful fireball. Skillfully wielded, it is the most potent weapon in any advertiser’s arsenal. Film is also versatile. Today, it flows seamlessly into multiple formats over a variety of channels, conventional as well as digital. Film’s use in advertising may be inventive, informative and entertaining. What it always is, and will be, is persuasive, engulfing and when we do it right, impossible to forget.


A magical thing happens at the point where a medium caters to only one of the palpable human senses: hearing. It is inescapable. It engulfs the audience without requiring focus. It does not require you to sit down or stand or face a particular way. It works directly or subliminally on the consciousness and forces the listener to build images in his mind. As advertising folk, we take radio as seriously, because we fear and admire its power in equal measure.

Social Media & Digital Strategy

The Internet isn’t going away. In fact, it is digging in its heels and creating a new generation of users, demanding the brand to tell them, ‘What’s in it for me?’ Brands no longer sell themselves to individual customers. Digital customers sell brands to each other. Look around you. Customers are no longer blips on our marketing radar, to whom you send out targeted messages. They are self-aware, intelligent entities talking back at you. Yes, interactivity has a way of doing that.

Space Design

Perhaps the most tactile form of brand communication is the physical space in which the brand resides and connects with its customers. A store, an office, a service center, everywhere a customer is received becomes a brand dynamic for the advertiser. It must comfort the visitor, be functional and also deliver the brand’s core without being overwhelming. The art of space design uses the shared talents of graphic and interior designers, architects and stylists. More than any other medium, this appeals to every sense in the human consciousness.

Corporate identity

The core of every marketing strategy is and always will be differentiation and preference. No marketing strategy survives a diminutive attempt at a brand philosophy. We delve deeply into that core, the sinews and nerves that give the brand organism its motivation. The wheres, the whats and whys of its innate logic. This is distilled into a crystalline identity, before engraving it into a design canon. This becomes the brand’s signature for all communication to come.




• Co-founder, thought blurb.
• He has spent more than 23 years working with leading advertising networks like Saatchi & Saatchi, Bates, FCB, Lintas, Y&R, and Publicis.
• Multi-national experience, spanning an array of clients – Britannia NutriChoice, Audi, Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki, LG Mobiles, Shaw Wallace, Baskin Robbins, Dunkin Donuts, Indian Oil, Mahindra & Mahindra, SONY, UTI, The Times of India, Femina, Economic Times, Filmfare, Raymonds, HCL, Air India, Johnson & Johnson, Oberoi Hotels, Idea Cellular, Siemens, rediff.com, Colgate, Citibank, Taj Hotels, Volkswagen, CitiBank.




• Co-founder, thought blurb.
• More than 22 years of experience in art and design with leading agencies in Mumbai - FCB Ulka, TBWA, Rhizic and Orangerie Designs, Dubai.
• Was the key art person responsible for the work done on the following Amul brands – Milk, Ice Cream, Masti Dahi, Gulab Jamun, Ghee, Amulya, Cheese Spread, Paneer, Mithai Mate.
• Other clients include Godrej, CEAT, Castrol, Emirates, Zodiac Fashion to name a few.




• Has more than 10 years of experience in advertising.
• Agencies: Publicis Capital, Leo Burnett.
• Handled various brands like Reliance Communication, Reliance Digital, Abad Group, Synthite Industries, Sheth Corp, LG Mobiles, Union KBC to name a few.

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